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The smart schedules are set using the. 24 hour clock. However, the next event for each room uses am/pm. I know I live in the UK with its outdated time but it would be useful for users to select a consistent 24 hour (or am/pm) format.
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  • johnnyp78
    I don’t understand why all of it doesn’t use the 24 hour clock, or at least offers the option to do so. I’m not ex military but I’m totally fine with seeing 18:00 instead of 6pm.
  • When adding time block, how can I get that infuriating clock to change to 24hr clock? This is only day 2 for me, but struggling to get it under control.
  • I'm not sure what the problem is here, both are obvious (so long as 12 hour clock clearly shows AM or PM).

    The UK default is 24 hours, that's how most people see time within apps. However what does it matter, usually people in conversation would revert back to 12 hour when talking with others.

  • luteijn
    edited December 2022
    I've been converting between different time, date, mass, currency, paper-sizes, temperature, length (c.q. area, volume), energy and who knows what other weights & measurements for most of my life, so it's become second nature. This is fine when playing Dungeon&Dragons, or solving a physics-problem. However it is mildly infurating to have to do this by hand or in your head, while using a 'smart' system that could easily do this for you.

    Or at least easier than forcing everyone to finally give up using 'customary', 'imperial' or even just the 'international system' units, and just all of us use the same system of units. Of course, as a barbarian, I'm biased to the S.I. and ISO standards, among other reaons as they already mostly coherent, but we could go to measuring speed in furlongs per fortnight, and mass in cups, as long as we all do so, for all I care.

    Or yeah, just put in a 'display this value in $UNIT' choice for every value a computer programme produces.
  • Just tell me: is it possible to change to 24h?
    Im from Denmark and i cant understand that AM PM thing... and that is my showing now!
  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    The vast majority of Europeans don't use the 12-hour setup. Tado° itself is a German company selling to EU markets and is compatible with around 95% of European homes, so there's a valid reason for a fix. Users should either have the option to manually set the value, or the app should read the user's phone settings / installation location.

    It's not a critical bug, but should still be considered a 'small change".

  • Unkledunkle
    edited March 2023

    It shouldn't be hard to give people the choice. We get to pick KWH or M3 globally in the app, why not the time?

    (this isnt' about whether military time - so ubiquitous in the UK is might as well just be called UK style - is more or less understandable than trad-time, just about consistency in the app)

  • awg
    Can Tado provide an answer as to why the next event time is am/pm and why can’t the user select between 24 hour and am/pm? Or simply for the app to use the iOS default time format.