Pausing a room


It would be great to be able to pause a room.

Tado is great at providing granular control of each room. But for schedules - its only possible to operate at a whole house level. Either i can turn off "all rooms" or "Boost all rooms". being able to turn off or pause a room feels like a pretty useful and essential item.

the only alternative (without changing the schedule) is to reduce the heating in a room. but thats only valid till the next schedule block.

Toggling off/on a room would be super helpful.



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  • johnnyp78
    If you click the pencil icon at the bottom of the temp change screen, you can drag the slider so it will remain off until you manually change the temperature again.
  • FWhitten
    Agreed, I would like this ability.

    I think home/away setting would be better so you can have an away schedule to prevent the room getting too cold etc.