Tado tiles a waste of an oppitunity

I am a new comer to Tado and the biggest disappointment is the app, the tiles on the Home section is an utter shambles, I find it really stupid having to go into a tile to view the inside temp, humidity and heat request (the 3 little squiggles) and the fact that no icon with in the tiles show if the radiator is receiving heat (an icon of a flame would be great) this would be so much better to show it on the tile itself and make the app so much better, I don't want to go into every tiles for a device just to view this info, I only ever want to go into the tile to manually change the temp..

Tado dev's please please please can you update the app with these life altering features please!

it would be so great to see this on the next update.

thank you.

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  • Life altering......a little bit dramatic 😎
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    😉 if it saves me click time then its life altering to me, waste no time 😁

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  • Straightforward script I hacked up to do this for me:


    echo -n ESC[33\;1mQuick Overview Tado stateESC[0m

    /home/luteijn/devel/tado/tado.py |grep -e zone-name -e humidity -e heatingPower -e insideTemp -e batteryState -e currentFwVersion | sed "s/^.\+://" | while read


       if [ "x$(echo "x${REPLY}x"|cut -c 2)x" != "x x" ]



           echo -n "ESC[1m$REPLY:ESC[0m"


           echo -n "$REPLY"


    done |sed "s/,/*/" |sed "s/,/%/" |sed "s/,/°C/"


    Output is something like this:

    Quick Overview Tado state

    Living Room/Kitchen: 0.0* 54.4% 17.03°C 'NORMAL', '97.1', 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Bathroom: 0.0* 60.7% 16.8°C 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Bedroom/Office 1: 22.0* 59.8% 15.75°C 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Bedroom/Office 2: 3.0* 58.3% 16.05°C 'NORMAL', '95.1', 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Bedroom 3: 0.0* 63.4% 17.45°C 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Bedroom 4: 0.0* 64.8% 16.22°C 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Blue Room: 0.0* 61.2% 15.59°C 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Corridor: 0.0* 74.8% 12.85°C 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Basement/Garage: 0.0* 59.4% 15.39°C 'NORMAL', '95.1',

    Hot Water: 'NORMAL'* '97.1'%

    Based on a simple dump of the info from the cloud API made by the tado.py script it uses:


    import PyTado.interface

    from pprint import pprint







    for zone in zones:


       print(str(index)+' - '+str(zone['id'])+' - zone-name:'+zone['name'])









    tado.py (END)


    Wrapping the output in html for use in a autorefreshing web page and filtering the output for hot water (I've got a combi, so don't care about it) is left as an exercise for the reader, I just use "watch -ctn 30 ./overview.sh" instead.

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    The first bit is a bash script ( https://linux.die.net/man/1/bash ) to format website output into one line per room overviews showing zone name, heat demand, rel. humidity, temperature, state of the batteries, and firmware version (last two repeated if more than one device in a room/zone)

    second bit is typical output, here is a screen shot of two consecutive runs, looks like there was no update to the cloud in between:

    I didn't bother filtering out the Hot Water state, as you can see in the picture..

    The bash script uses a bit of python scripting to get the raw information from the website with PyTado, so that is also shown, although it is pretty straight-forward.

    And the last incantation is just a way to update the display every so often with the output of the first script.

    If only manipulating the relais and valve actuators was as straight-foward as reading out the current values.

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