Wireless Thermostat to just heat one room?

Hello, I have a wireless thermostat installed in my living room. I installed a Tado smart radiator valve in the bedroom. When I switch the bedroom smart radiator device on, the living room radiator also comes on and heats the living room.

Is there any way of setting up the system so that when I want to heat the bedroom only, it doesn't heat the living room too?

Additionally, if I just want to heat the living room, I can switch the bedroom radiator off, so that works.
Do I need a smart radiator device on the radiator in the living room?

I do not understand why the radiator in the living room comes on when I only want to heat the bedroom. It shows as off but it is still heating.

Thanks in advance.
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  • johnnyp78
    I think this is in the wrong section if any mods feel like moving it.

    Your living room radiator is heating up because you haven’t fitted any trv that could prevent it from filling with hot water when the boiler fires up. If you fit a Tado trv to it you will be able to control when it heats up.
  • robb2002
    Thank you. So what is the point of having a wireless thermostat if they all have smart TRV's on them?
  • luteijn
    The sensors on the actuators are a bit of a joke, better than nothing, but they are in the wrong place, too hot when heater is on, probably too cold when it is off, and if you use the knob to make adjustments, your body heat and moisture will also likely upset them. The wireless thermostat can be used as a sensor, and/or controller, so you can put dedicated controls where you need them, and away from hard to reach knobs on heaters, and do temperature sensing away from the cold outer walls, windows and hot radiators, near where you actually sit...

    Too bad this makes an already pricey solution even more expensive (both in capital expense and operating expense), and it all counts against your 25 device limit. Not to mention the bulk of these things...