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I'd like some rooms (i.e. bathroom) to stay at some temperature over night but I don't mind if they are slightly more off the set temperature and I don't want boiler to fire up just for that room. It could be heated up when other room (i.e. master bedroom) needs to turn boiler on.
Something like the temperature set to 'no warmer than' rather to keep temperature ar some set value.
This could be achieved by i.e. setting max. and min. temperature.
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  • johnnyp78
    This sounds like what can already by achieved by setting the room to be independent of a zone controller, unless I’m missing something
  • Looks like what OP is looking for is to be independent depending on time of day, and/or current temperatutr. The kind of scheme I proposed earlier where one has a kind of MoSCoW escalation: if temp drops below T1, open valve, do not yet call for heat ('Would use heat'), once it drops further, below T2, call for a little heat/add demand to the pool of heat demand, where boiler will fire if enough heat is demanded by rooms ('Could use some heat'). Once you go below T3, increase demand ('Should fire up the furnace') and once you drop below T4, things escalate to forcing the boiler on (Must have heat!'). Example values for T1-T4 could be 18,16,14 and 5 for one room, and maybe 19,18,16,15 for another.
  • No, as they want to stop passive scavaging and start actually actively calling for heat at some point, either time-based (as their focus is on in the post: during the day strict(er) maintenance of comfort-levels is needed), or temperature based (common sense, at the least you'd want frost protection). Neither is possible with tado not-so-smart schedules, and a problem in well-isolated houses, where rooms don't bleed over heat much, and one room can't use the minimum output of the furnace effectively.