Enable Tado to use other temperature sensors via HomeKit


It would be very helpful if Tado could utilise existing temperature sensors that are also connected via HomeKit. I have several existing temperature sensors in my house(e.g. Netatmo) and don't want to have to buy additional Tado ones simply to get meaningful room values to control my heating.

The smart radiator valves are unreliable at indicating temperature. When the heating is off, they match the other sensors in the room perfectly, but when the heating is on, the smart valves show values that are 2-3 degrees higher than the room, The offset feature is no help since the required offset differs depending on the temprature of the radiator.

If Tado could read values from HomeKit compatible sensors and assign them to rooms it would solve this problem without having to double-up on temperature sensors (which would be ridiculous and I won't be doing).

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  • luteijn
    Although I'd be happier by just getting full use of / access to the hardware, so I can just write my own control software, allowimg the submitting of supplementary sensor readings into the tado-cloud based program would be appreciated as well. Preferably without needing yet another service, althoug support of existing stuff wouldn't hurt...