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One of my major concerns I have is I am now very reliant on the Tado eco-system. My concern is that at some point in the future the tado bubble may burst and their cloud services stop functioning. This will not only mean I cannot enable my heating but the entire eco system will fail.

The improvements coming from tado are at best minor and there are gaping holes in the portfolio when compared with Drayton Wiser for example. (repeaters and plug sockets, immersion hot water control, underfloor heating control, basic off-line mode) to name a few.

I see "homebridge " now exists that solves a number of my gripes but as far as I can see it still relies on the main Tado cloud service being online. homebridge-tado-platform - npm (npmjs.com)

My main hope is someone like Valient, bosch, Ideal (or maybe a ASHP manufacturer) buys them and we start seeing proper Invesment and futureproofing especially around multihome, repeater, heatpump and Airconditioning control which just looks like all development has stopped.

Now I think about it I would love to see companies such as Octopus Energy get involved and really tie energy saving intelligence into the product.

Open Source

If they opened up the eco system it would allow bedroom developers to help tado with needed functions and functionality. And will really improve innovation.

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  • Jimuk
    edited November 2022
    Yes so have I. Although a reset of the TRV’s will allow manual temperature control.

    When I purchased the system there was a lot of promise in the product. Development was quick and fast. Support was within 24 hours.

    By the look of things they now have two company priorities:

    1) take original products and make them inferior lowering the manufacturing costs but keeping the prices the same for example loosing opentherm on the extension kit and the new budget TRV’s.
    2) doing everything they can think of to try and get us to sign up to the subscription IQ. Including sending us a survey that sold itself on “have your say for the future of Tado” but actually what it was was a method for tado to find out why everyone hasn’t registered for the IQ. I realised this because of you selected you had no
    Intention of signing up for it the survey jumped from 50% complete to 100%.

    What really upsets me is the lack of innovation that is going on. I look at 3rd party companies such as “Hugo App” and “Drayton” and start to question if I made the right decision and no one likes realising they have made a mistake of over £1000.