Allow the setting of a specific end time when manually overriding.


Dear Everyone,

Allow the setting of a specific end time when manually overriding.

The way our family uses our house means that having timed heating makes no sense, so we have that effectively disabled by setting one time period for 24 hours at a low temperature (10C). We control individual rooms by overriding this "default" timer with a temperature of about 20C and setting the end time.

Although it's never the same, we always know what time we want it to end when we set the override temperature.

Unfortunately, setting the time is really hard and fiddly as the timer can only be set for a delay period which is only controllable to a granularity that's too coarse when it's a few hours. You have to remember to go back in and reset the period and fiddle around to get the exact time you want - it's a pan.

For example, if I know I am going to bed at 10:30 pm, I sit down at 7:35 pm, and I want the heating to go off at 10:15 pm. It's impossible to get the timer to go off at 10:15 pm, and it's really annoying!

I'd like a feature that allows me to set the end time, please, please, please...

It just needs something simple such as tapping on the time and being given the option of rotary wheels (similar to those on one-armed-bandits) to efficiently select the off time.

Thanks for listening.

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  • luteijn

    Using the system in much the same way. Annoying not to be able to give an absolute end time and/or exact relative time...

  • Benjamino

    If anyone from the Tado product development team is listening, please take into account that many of your users are going to be the types that work for themselves, contract, or have client bookings. This means that they are very unlikely to be able to make use of timed schedules because their timings are dictated by the work (it's never 9 to 5). People in this group use full manual control because they manage their time differently every day. A little thing like setting the end time (as opposed to a delay, with granularity) is way more user-friendly for these people.