TRV with empty batteries closes valve, but keeps requesting heat

The batteries of my TRV were empty and I received this email from Tado:

> When your Smart Radiator Thermostat does not have enough charge to function, it will automatically close the radiator’s valve and the heating will remain off until you replace the batteries.

Sure enough the valve was closed and an empty battery icon was visible on the TRV. However, my thermostat continued to request heat for that zone in order to get the temperature up. With the valve being closed, the temperature didn’t move and the boiler was heating at the maximum temperature for over 2 days before I noticed.

My feature request: don’t just close the valve, but also turn off the heat in that zone if there are no other TRVs assigned to that zone.
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  • GrayDav4276
    It's almost as if tado° doesn't understand the implications of the changes that they make when they attempt to address an this one.