Logic esp1 35/ESi ESRTP5


I currently have an Ideal Logic combi ESP1 35 connected to two (multi zone) wired ESi ESRTP5 room thermostats.

The 2 thermostats are upstairs/downstairs and seem to be wired first to a honeywell valve each which control the 2 zones.

The thermostats are wire live/neutral and n/o.

Do tado offer a compatible solution?

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  • BenG1980
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    So I had this issue - New build property. 2 Zone system. ESI controls and wiring centre.

    I solved the issue though.

    I removed the ESI thermostats and replaced with 2 x Tado Wired thermostats.

    I bought a Wago wiring centre from Screwfix for about £20 and wired the whole thing up as an S plan. Fairly simple to do.

    The main issue was the motorised valve heads. The versions on my pipe work had pre installed plugs on the end (for direct connection to the ESI wiring centre). I bought two new ones (coincidentally ESI branded but with open wires at the end rather than plugs). Cost about £55 for the 2 (delivered). For anyone who doesn’t want to have to buy new ones - you can just cut the plug off the existing one and strip the wires back. I wanted to retain my full old ESI system though in case I ever move and want to reinstall it. Cutting the plugs off will lose that option.

    The only thing holding it all back is the ESI wiring centre which is a ‘plug and play’ setup for ESI thermostats and valve heads.

    I’d invested a fortune in my Tado system so was desperate to find a solution. It was a very simple job in the end - albeit with more investment required. Should pay for itself though with Tado savings 😀