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The Tado app mainscreen already features a on/off button pictogram on each room. I would love for them to work as on/off buttons too! So you can resume schedule or stop heating a specific room with just one click.

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  • I came to Tado from a Heat Genius set up. One thing I found useful on their system, which does not appear to currently be possible on Tado, was the ability to completely suspend a room from the schedule and reintroduce it with a simple click when required. At present it seems I can switch on or off or set a heating temp for a specific room but this gets overridden at the next schedule change.
  • Mudmouse

    I'm with this, we had Salus thermostatic controllers linked to our underfloor heating which we could put onto an "unoccupied" setting with a prolonged push of one button. We should be able to do this with the app on individual thermostats. We have a guest room that has an occupancy of about 10% and it is a nightmare to have to reprogramme it each time it is used, or am I missing something?

  • johnnyp78
    Change the temperature of the room to off, click the pencil at the bottom, drag the slider to ‘until you resume schedule’
  • GrayDav4276
    But @johnnyp78.....that's at least 3 more "clicks" 😎
  • ldoodle

    Instead of just On/Off, we should be able to do all of: "Boost", "Resume Schedule", "On/Off" per room

    We have those options as "all rooms" buttons across the top - this should be exactly repeatable per room. Given the size of the room tiles and the fact the text is bottom aligned, leaves just enough room for 3 buttons across the top; using the same pictograms as the buttons across the top use. Plus could also change the layout slightly to completely remove the 'Heating to xyz' text at the very bottom and do something like this instead - with the Resume/Boot pictogram swapping depending on what the current state is

    Sorry for the crap mspaint job!