Setup confusion

I came over from a hive combi set up

From my understanding your are me to have trv’s on all but one radiator

One the hive system I had the main thermostat which schedule with the heat on demand off on trv

So the tvr was set to a maximum temp as allocated on each room and only got to that temp then shut off

The boiler only heated the house via the timed schedule heating each room

So the dilemma I have is

I now have tado tvr on all but one radiator with each tvr having its own schedule

What is the point on the main thermostat?

Should I do away with the main thermostat and just fit another tvr to the only radiator that does not have one already fitted

So each room has its own schedule ?

What is the best solution?


  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    The tado TRVs regulate the temperature of the radiators they're attached to. They can independently call for heat from your boiler (switch it on) but they do this via the Thermostat. If you don't have a tado thermostat set up with them, they can only regulate what heat is let into the radiators (and the available heat passing around your pipes will only be regulated by the non-tado boiler schedule), they can not call for heat.

    So, let's say you have a thermostat in the Hall as is common in UK houses. It's likely your 'one' radiator is also in the hall. Assuming you're using a tado thermostat, and all your other radiators have TRVs on them:

    • every time a smart TRV needs heat to warm a room up according to the schedule set for that room, it will request the thermostat to ask the boiler for heat. The 'one' radiator will heat up as well because it has nothing regulating it's temperature.
    • Your smart tado thermostat will follow the schedule you've set for the hall, and will call for heat from the boiler if your hall needs it.