Location based on wifi network

At the moment the location is based on geo location of your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option of basing your location on when you phone connects to your wifi network? Or at least give you the option to pick between those two option
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  • DM932187

    If you're referring to home WiFi (as I think you are), then I believe Tado does recognise this, to give a more stable home/away differentiation.

  • Shoot, found it. Now I cant delete this post
  • albertt

    There's the option to use "home wi-fi detection" but only if you have precise location activated (i.e. check device location every minute, therefore draining battery). Would be nice to be able to use approximate location + home wi-fi detection, would be more than enough to determine if you are home or not.

  • johnnyp78
    Are you sure about that? There doesn’t seem to be any visible battery drain on ios and it doesn’t report that Tado is using significant energy
  • charlie35slr

    It's a privacy matter too. Using wifi to determine home/away status is valid and simple to implement (given that the option already exists if you have fully enabled location services).