Connecting wireless controller

I have an alpha boiler etec plus 38. Which connections do I connect to the controller?


  • What is the controller? When you do the install you’ll get instructions in the app.
  • It’s the tado wireless receiver that connect to boiler. Instructions in app aren’t clear as to which wires go where
  • You might need to post pictures of your wiring (use the desktop version of the forum). If it’s a combi and relay connection it’s usually L, N, COM and NO. You should be gas safe if you’re opening up the boiler.
  • im not going into boiler just the electrics. I’m attaching pictures.

    The bottom pic is the tado receiver wired up just need to know where them four wires go in the boiler.

  • You’ve broken the combustion seal so you should be gas safe or use a gas safe engineer. I would check what your boiler manual says but at a guess it will be L to A , N to B, and COM and NO to 1 and 2. That’s purely guesswork based on the sticker you’ve posted though and can’t guarantee it’s right.
  • Johnnyp78 you’ve been great help. Below is picture from manual. Would you say what you said above us right based on manual?

  • Yes, but if you’re not sure you should use a professional.
  • Does anybody know how I can contact Tado?, tried contacting them via the chat on saturday, it keeps saying they will come back to me in one day but they don't. Just installed Tado but I cant get the wireless smart thermostat to register, its showing already paired but says its already registered to another household?? but its bnew and not been registered

  • Johnnyp78 I’ve wired like you suggested but the radiators don’t heat up! Any ideas. Everything works like power to the receiver and when I press test it triggers the boiler on but the heating doesn’t work. Any ideas.
  • Do you have Tado trvs? If not it’s a problem with your boiler.
  • Johnnyp78 do I need tado trvs. Shouldn’t it just replace my existing thermostat
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    If you don’t have Tado trvs and the wireless receiver is triggering the boiler when you press test, it’s a problem with the boiler.

    I think at this point it’s time to get a professional in to check your wiring.
  • This is how I’ve wired it does that look right.

  • Yes, but I’m not a professional and I have no knowledge of your boiler other than the wiring diagram I’ve seen.
  • Ok thanks. You’ve been great help thanks.