Dual SRV Offset

I know that the Smart Radiator Valve offset issues have been discussed extensively but I would like to offer my 2 cents.

In one of the rooms in my apartment, I have a tado SRV installed and I also have a room thermometer. I check their measurements from time to time and when not heating they are very close to each other (+/-0.1C). However, as all users know, that is not the case when the heating comes on as tado might measure ~21C while the other will still measure something like 19.5C. Obviously, if I increased the offset while the heating is on, then the tado measurement would be well off the mark when not heating and the heating would turn on when not really required...

What I would like to suggest is adding a second offset setting. The first one would stay as it is and would apply to the room when it is not being heated. The 2nd offset would apply when the SRV is open and the radiator is heating, and, say, when temperature increases by 1C.

As an example, the 'normal' offset can be as little as 0.1C while the 'heating' one could be <1C...

This function could be as dumb as described here or could be made a bit smarter... Here are a few ideas:

  1. The 'heating' offset should apply dynamically only when tado SRV senses a fast increase in temperature (a certain dT/dt) and the normal offset should be applied when the SRV closes.
  2. Prompt the users to set the offset a few times when a sudden(ish) increase in temperature is detected when heating is on and then use those user inputs to work out the actual value.

Would like to hear what others think. I think a solution similar to this would be a good addition and would fit well within the current system without any new hardware.

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