Support 2 point calibration for adjusting temperature offset (Temperature Guesstimate)


It would be very helpful to enable 2 point calibration for adjusting the temperature measurement to match the middle of the room. Scenario as follows:

At low temperature the thermostat reads the same as the temperature measured in the middle of the room e.g. 15°C so no offset required but at higher temperature the thermostat reads 21°C but the temperature measured in the middle of the room is 19°C so an offset of -2°C required.

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  • dawnchorus

    +1 Please implement this in the app. Would make the system perfect.

  • Kingsley
    Agreed, this is a major problem currently
  • Jacopo2
    Jacopo2 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2020
    It won’t work as the offset doesn’t depend only on whether the heating is on or off but also by how long it has been on for, how cold is outside and a lot of other factors

    The simple solution here is to just use an external sensor (you can get one for 10€)

    I’m pushing for us to be able to use external sensors (and not the expensive Tado one) by asking to remove this firmware limitation
  • jw0ng02

    @Jacopo2 - I agree, this is not really a solution to the unusable TRV sensor, more a like "plaster on the wound". But may be tado may find this easier to swallow then open up and allowing non-tado build external temperature sensors.

    I can understand their approach of not allowing 3rd party sensor as they are offering "energy saving guarantee", if they do not have the full control of what device is driving the heating, it would be difficult for them to fulfil their promise I guess.

    I still support that we as users should have the option to NOT getting tado external sensor and have the TRV in a usable working state! 😫

  • Timocologne
    This needs to be done!
    i am totally disappointed by the way this system measures temperature.
    All values measured at the radiators are off by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius.
    The current offset system just won't work.
    when I set the offset to correct those values, now the thermostate registers too low values, when heeating is turned off over night.

    So, at least two point offset calibration is needed.
  • Meetob
    This very much needs to be implemented
  • Ramzez
    I had to return the smart TRVs because of exact problem. The temperature was reported correctly when no heating was working and mortally incorrectly when the heating would start. +2/3c then real temperature and no heating anymore. Support just suggests buying wireless sensor. But I am not ready to buy 4/5 extra sensors.
  • Templari75
    Actually you can use Home Assistant to have a correct temperature determination by an external sensor and tado connected to it. the HA will trigger the valve when it is the correct moment of course you need to adjust a little the two sensors to find a compromise otherwise it will be a competition between the two
  • R_Newcombe
    I agree this is an issue however I also agree that it may not be as simple as setting as having the ability to define multiple offset values.

    As I see it the problem that needs resolving is how to stop the heating coming on unnecessarily when using offsets on the rad valves without having to go out and buy yet more hardware for every room just to get the tado system to work properly.

    To me the simplest solution to this is to have the option to define a temperature at which the heating comes on that is different to the ‘heating to’ temperature. For example, schedule would be set so that the heating comes on when the temperature is below 18c and heats to 21c during that window.
  • When we installed Tado into our home we hit the same problem. On the whole we love the Tado system, it's just this small issue that needs addressing. The TRV turning off the heating to a room and the actual room temperature never making it to the temperature we set on the TVR. We played around with offsets, but soon came to the conclusion that wasn't the answer.

    What we did was create our own wireless temperature sensor that measures the actual room temperature and dynamically adjusts the Tado room temperature offset until the room temperature reaches the temperature you have set for the room. We use the Tado API to interface into the Tado system. Just place our ambi WiFi temperature sensor where you want it in the room and forget about it. Control your heating using the Tado App and our ambi sensor will make adjustments in the background.

    Our solution is available to anyone who is interested and doesn't cost the earth.