Inputting heating bill for oil kerosene top up.

Is it sensible to firstly input the previous year's oil consumption and average price before we input the last heating bill.
Do we use units ie is a unit a litre. Oil is 10kw/litre or is a unit a kw?
What's anyone else doing?
I have asked via the bot but not got an answer yet.
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  • Steve88
    I've had some time to think about this today.
    1Tado unit is 1kwh.
    My boiler efficiency is 81.8%
    10.35 kwh in 1 litre of oil.

    So when I buy 1000litres of oil at 93p per litre.

    1000 x 10.35 is the kwh purchased. X.818 is how much oil I have taking in to account my boilers efficiency is 8466kwh to put in the heating bill section of tado app.

    Cost per kw. Is 93p ÷ 10.35 is 0.08985 cost per kwh

    I have input that and the numbers now look sensible.

    Any thoughts?
  • stevieg1
    I am a Tado user with oil and never thought it was worth subscribing to Auto-Assist but seeing your figures I will give it try and report back if I find it relevant. I am surprised there isn’t more interest as there must be more oil users out there.
  • Steve88
    Previous oil purchase was 28dec 22

    This oil purchase 03 june23. 700 litres at £507.78. Tank full.

    So 507.78 ÷ 700 = £0.7254 per litre.

    700 litres x 10.35 x0.818 boiler efficiency = 5926.41 kwh purchased.

    507.78 ÷ 5926.41 = 0.0856 cost per kw.

    Data input.
    So start date of bill is 29 Dec 22.
    Bill date 03 June 23.
    Kwh used is 5926.41
    Cost per kw is 0.0856

    So far it seems pretty good.