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Boost Heating - timer Can you please add a timer for the Boost Heating Timer to the application? example. it's not so cold at night that I want to heat the whole night, the heating is set to off, but I would like to turn on Boost Heating for 30 minutes at three in the morning, for example, and then switch the heating setting back to off. could this option be added to the app please?
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  • Yes I know. But I can't set it to turn on at, say, three in the morning. So set to turn on at three o'clock, or set to turn on in XY hours and minutes
  • luteijn
    I think what is meant here is the ability to make a quick once off schedule deviation. So instead of a one click "I'm cold, boost!", an "It's fine now. However, it's 22.00 and I'm going to bed now, but I know a cold front is approaching, so boost the heating at 3.00, for 30 mins"-option - Where 3.00 and 30 min are variables...

    Of course, it would be even nicer to make this way more general, where users can just add their own tiles/bottons with custom macro's to be run. Or just save costs on developing and supporting all these features, by making it easy for people to just use any software to control their hardware via documented APIs to both local devices and the cloud software.
  • But after all, I don't want to redo the heating plan in 6 rooms... This should be one of the basic options, I turn off the heating - heat for me in 4 hours for 30 minutes - then turn off completely again. Just like there should be more profile. not just Home and Away
  • Smiffy177
    I agree with the request for this option. It has become quite cold and the opportunity to be able to boost individual rooms to a temperature the user can set and a time would be a great addition.
  • I thought about this too but from a more of a in the moment timer. Example, go in a room, turn on heater and set it to go off in 30mins/1hr etc time.

    It sounds like you are after a bespoke schedule that you can turn off and on when you want it rather then a timer