Relay modules (1/4/6 channel)


Now, if we vant to create heating zones (with a pump or Underfloor heating manifold), it need a wired thermostat each zone and same number of wireless temperature sensor. It really expensive and we need buy a device that we not use 90% of it abilities... (wired thermostat, we use it a simple relay mode, not measue temperature, or not control boiler via advenced bus system) The biggest problem that one wired thermostat only control one zone.

A example:

So if we have a 12 channel Underfloor heating manifold and we are cretate 4 zones (of course we are combine some of connected Electrothermal Actuators ) that need 4 wired thermostat and same number of wireless temperature sensor. (or wire the thermostats to the correct place, but it not really possible most of cases)

It would be good that Tado create a (relatively) cheap device (or devices) that only contain relays (1/4/6 for example) and possible to control (each relay separately) with a remote temperature sensor(s).

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  • luteijn
    Or tado could save on the development costs and just leverage all the existing home-automation kit already out there. Allow integration of 3rd-party sensors, actuators and control-logic. And conversely make using tado hardware independently from its cloud-software-service straightforward. Allow people to really help themselves and eachother, instead of trying to keep up with support-staff, more programmers etc. Be less of an atari 2600, and more of a C64.
  • Vamp
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    Now it working currently. 

    I use this config with some of my installation:

    I also install Node-RED to homebridge HW and create some simple flow to On/Off specific relay if get a heating request one of the Tado zone.

    It Cheap and fully local, not need Internet and cloud.

    ...But need additioal HW.. it is the reason that would be good that Tado will make a own relay board that communicate the Tado bridge directly.

  • luteijn
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    Biggest drawback for me (but might be a plus for others already invested in Apple) is that for homekit I'd have to convert to Apple too.
    That 4-channel relay module looks sweet though, open source and you seem to be able to be able to control it via MQTT.

    At that price, you'd need to really have a lot of cheap spare time to cobble the equivalent together yourself from a separate ESP and relays at lesser cost, as I did for my garage door opener... This could be fun to interface with a MIDI launchpad or similar to control some lights, or something.

    If only you could just use the tado bridge in the same way: just send it a command to tell TRV Q to open to x%, switch Relay R to open or to fire up boiler B at y% over MQTT, instead of having to use Homekit (or worse, some cloud-service) as a go between.
    Why is homekit allowed to talk to my bridge, but I am not? How does it actually communicate with the bridge? Might be worth looking into, too.

    Ordered two of those relay boards.. Even if tado won't officially support these, I guess one could always slave them to existing tado gear by monitoring values via the web api. I already did a straightforward gateway, so easy to hook it all up via node red...