Sunday Mode / Home Sick Button

When a person is off sick or the family are home during Monday to Friday the room schedules have to be updated individually.

A new button like boost heating but labeled Sunday mode or sickness emoji will default all schedules to Sunday for x number of days.

The button should deactivate when you hit reschedule button
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  • GrilledCheese2

    Each room has 3 schedules. I switch to the 1 day schedule when I need to quickly adjust the duration of heating for the day; useful for when guests are visiting or someone is home sick.

  • gary333

    @GrilledCheese2 Good point, i only noticed it remembered the previous schedule a week or so ago, and have been doing the same thing on the days i decide to work from home.

  • luteijn
    luteijn ✭✭✭
    edited December 2022
    Still, it is a valid feature request, as one shouldn't have to use a manual workaround like this in a true 'smart' system, and having this would make tado better...

    Actually, in this case the reply is quite good, just missing the "Yes this would be great, too, but don't count on it being made any time soon" part, but often a workaround is presented as making the implementation of the feature totally unneccesary and a daft idea to begin with, instead of as 'Don't hold your breath for this (or any other reasonable feature request) getting implemented any time soon, but here's one approach that could work in the mean time'. This last is probably meant/implied even in those cases, (and I'm probably guilty of this myself) but to a new user, that won't be obvious, as they won't have read all the earlier posts...