Config Menu ID for Ideal Logic Combi 35


Trying to configure my boiler. Does anyone know the Config Menu ID code for Ideal Logic Combi 35 ? As its not in the installer manual



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  • luteijn
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    I think the default is indeed R01, but if you go through the setup in the app, it could have been changed, so probably worth it to double check. If everything seems to work, and turning the desired temperature way up turns the boiler on, and turning temperature down (eventually) turns the boiler off, then it is probably fine.

    You might want to look into the opentherm connection (if it is actually available on the boiler), or the weather-compensation option there also seems to be for the boiler, once you get familliar with how the system works for you.


  • luteijn
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    How is/was the existing controller connected? shows a relay connection in diagram A (and B, with a discrete timer), so it would be R01 if using those connections. Diagram C has connections for an 'opentherm harness', and the next page shows how it would be wired on the boiler side, and you'd have to use opentherm setting on the tado, D01. ( As per )
  • Hi Luteijn

    Thank you for your reply

    Old Honeywell CMT 707A Thermostat removed just 2 wires connecting it :Brown wire to A , Black wire to B

    New Tado SmartThermostat installed Brown wire to COM, and Black wire to NO

    Boiler is working ok but have not configured yet. How important are these Config Menu ID ?

    Not to sure, but is default Tado setting set to R01 ?

    Thank you

  • Hi Clicon

    It seems like your setup is set for R01. I believe by default, the configuration is set to R01 however you could have a look via the Tado for installers app as well.

    It will check your setup and give instructions; in the app if you tap on the Configurations option and select R01 then it will guide you through the process of how to select the correct settings on the thermostat.