Day off schedule override

Enable an option to override general calendar to be used when a bank holiday or a day off. I currently use the away option and play around with temperature, but that does not look like a clean solution. Also, enable not only a temperature pattern but also a day counter… something like “override official schedule during x consecutive days”
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  • morwen
    I’d love something like this! I work from home in a place where the living room and office are very different thermally. Ideally today I would like to be able to tell it to treat today like a Sunday generally rather than go in and alter the schedules to get it to heat the living room not the office.
  • kitus
    @morwen , do vote for this feature. We are lagging behind :)
  • RichardGaunt
    edited April 2023
    This feature would me useful to me too, upvoted. I’d like bank holidays to be treated as weekends.
  • BridgeSide

    I agree. Scheduling could be improved significantly. not everyone's life works on a weekly routine.

    (what do they do ??)