Wifi geofencing

It would be good if there was WiFi only geofencing. There is not point to keep GPS up whole day and drain battery.
I know it would limit app to on and off rather than vicinity check but there is few benefits for me from GPS geofencing as home members keep turning GPS off to save battery life thus geofencing do not work as it should and it's most time in manual mode.
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  • charlie35slr

    This would be a very desirable alternative to the always-on location services that Tado requires today. As the OP says, nobody in my household is happy about leaving location services on al the time (for battery life or privacy).

    The code has already been written (the "Home Wifi Detection" option in Geofencing settings), it just needs to be selectable without requiring always-on location services. Indeed, one should able to enable "Include Device's Location" using at least one of always-on location services and Home Wifi Detection.

    For those of us who would rather not be beaconing our location 24-hours a day, this would useful and accurate:

    IF attached to home network THEN home ELSE away

    Please consider this feature.