Why has Thermostatic Mode ended on AC Smart Controller?

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I have a Smart AC Smart Controller, I would like to shut down the AC when the room temperature reaches the target. I was able to do that last year with the Thermostatic Mode. Now this option has dissapeared and Tado sends the desired temperature to the AC. This way my AC keeps turned on when the target temperature is reached. This is uncomfortable for me because the AC keeps producing noise and the fan on.

Is there anybody who would like to keep using thermostatic mode and completeñy shut down the AC when the target temperature is reached?


  • I second this.

    I just got a tado° AC v3 and was surprised to find that it won't shut the reverse cycle AC on or off when the room reaches the desired temperature range.

    It could be done in numerous way. My unit has an "auto" feature as well as heat and cool modes. So I should be able to set ranges on each of those modes, or at least the auto, outside of which the auto mode comes on and inside of which it stays off. This should be able to be linked to smart schedule and geo-fencing.

    Feature request!!
  • Has it ended??? I have not seen any notices or articles.

    If it has - this could explain my issue of "Contact Support" to complete setup.

    Has anyone heard from "Support" regarding this?

  • jan2642

    Luckily I found this! I was about to buy 4 Smart AC's exactly for this feature. Our AC's keep on running even if the temperature in the room has been reached. This feature was the one thing that would make the Smart AC more useful to me than the vendor's app (which is just a wifi version of its IR remote control)

  • CommanderROR
    Exactly. I bought the AC controller explicitly for this and now realise that the feature has been removed.
    Can anyone say why this was removed? What's the point of a. "smart" AC controller that just keeps the AC running even if it's already below the target temp?
  • EvgenySh

    I bought four controllers (I just ordered another one a few days ago), and I am considering giving them back.

    This is the main feature of the AC controller, which is SMART.

    IFFFFT, Homekit Automation.. why do I need Tado to use another app? I counted at least ten threads with negative feedback about the lack of this feature.