Can presets be defined through the Tado app?

Hi all,
Can temperature presets be defined through the Tado app to temporarily override the schedule for all rooms? Schedule functionality is nice but weeks may differ from one to the other, especially in these times of occasional teleworking...
Many thanks for the feedback!


  • wateroakley
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    We are scheduled very early one day most weeks, and very early one day every two weeks. For these two days we have pre-determined time blocks that we adjust off and on to suit our schedule. The important block to remember is to fire up the hot water early enough for a shower, brrr. Not too much trouble. If we forget, the manual adjustment is easy.

  • @idl PS. We use the geo-fencing function to turn off the heating when we go out and it reminds us to turn on before we get home.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I have 7 rooms at my place, each with their own schedule. So changing schedules manually is a bit tedious. It would be great to be able to define presets that define the temp in each room, and even better, be able to create schedules for presets. Or is there another trick I miss?

  • GrayDav4276
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    So, maybe we all need a schedule of presets for our room schedules in case we do something unscheduled just in case 🤓...... we could all come up with a range of events or occasions that fall outside a normal schedule......but exactly where does it stop.......surely it's not really that difficult to make the odd change to the operation of our systems on the rare occasions when it seems necessary....... imho