Heating Off minimum Temp

I notice if I set my Central Heating schedule to OFF in a time slot (IE: at night) the temperature drops dramatically and it goes very cold with no Antifrost protection.

Yet. If I am AWAY from home and the heating goes OFF as I am not present I can set a Minimum temp to heat my home (while I not here as its in AWAY mode)

I notice on the time schedules I can disable GEOFENCING for my time slots wich in effect would have me as AWAY even when am home for such frost protection..yet if initiated the time slot still shows the desired set temp for that time slot but with a GEO pin line through it, and if set to OFF it will never come on at all.

To me..this does seem counter intuative and a little confusing TBH.

I would expect the OFF (in a set time slot and AWAY MODE) to work the same...if they did..in the time slot you could then have the option to Enable or Disable the frost protection option instead of the Disable Geofencing.

Sorry if this has been answered or cover previously. Did have a look in Q+A community section but quickly got lost the variance of scenarios/questions and answers.
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  • Schedule OFF in a time slot? I didn't think that was possible.
  • Screen shot showing time slot with Heating slider disabled (OFF)
  • Screen shot showing OFF time slot in schedule
  • Screen shot of graph with temp dipping below Frost setting in night as now OFF (Grey) then Heating (Orange) then OFF again just before I leave the house and then heating due to Frost protection in AWAY mode when not home.
  • That's frost protection scheduled, which I was expecting to be the lowest setting you can have. If the frost protection scheduling is not working then I'd describe that as a bug in the system, rather than an improvement request. I've just looked at Tado's support documentation and it implies the frost protection is always active.
  • I think I understand my confusion now TBH...I think frost protection is seperate setting which is at a much lower temp and as you say would be an active failsafe allways running if the temp gets seriously too low to freeze/cause an issue.

    My confusion begins with thinking that AWAY mode and a scheduled Timed slot where I choose OFF are the same IE: not calling for heat and so should be OFF..they are not it appears.

    AWAY mode allows a minimum temp to be set (this would be above the Frost protection value) in contrast to a Timed OFF setting wich simply means it has no temp setting but am guessing would fall back onto the frost protection value if it fell too low 🤔

    I think the answer which is what I have now implemented is to set the timed night time schedule to the same value as the minimum AWAY temp so at night or if I am away the heating defaults to the same minimum temp that I wish to maintain if I am asleep all warm in bed for 8 hrs or away at work for 8hrs.