Tado radiator valves actuating when off??

I have two Tado radiator valves in a bedroom. They are set to OFF overnight, coming on at 0630 to warm the room for getting out of bed. They don't control the boiler, they are only a component of a bigger system (actually controlled for 10 years by Elv/Conrad soft zones, now unobtainable, plus a homebrew ESP32-based weather compensator).

At around 4:30 in the morning (+/- half an hour, not always the same time) I notice the valve motors actuating. They are quiet so don't wake me but I sometimes am already awake. But they are set to OFF so they have no business doing anything.

Why do they do this and how do I stop this waste of battery life?


  • Do you have Early Start enabled? This feature will open the valves earlier than scheduled when a room is particularly cold. It can turn on radiators hours before the heat is required, so most users disable the feature.

    How cold is your bedroom at night? Tado devices have inbuilt frost protection and will activate heating/valves when the temperature gets too low. Usually 5-10°C.

  • Thanks for this. It seems I did have early start on one of the radiators at least. Why it thinks it needed around two hours to warm up a room that heats up in 30 minutes I can't imagine, so I had not even pursued that line of thought. It is now off (I didn't turn it on so it isn't clear why it was on) - I will see if that makes a difference.

    As for temperature, I think it got down to about 13C when it was -9 outside, that shouldn't trigger anything.

    My concern initially was battery life, but I now wonder if households where this controls the boiler are spending a lot on gas unnecessarily.

    thanks again.