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More options to the Energy IQ


I have geothermal heating in my two-family house, which heats an underfloor water bearing heating system. To control it I have a bunch of actuators at two manifolds and thermostats in the rooms to control the heating. The app does not recognize my boiler, and thus I have chosen the closest one in the list I could find. I don't know if that has anything to do with my problem, but I would very much like to have a way for the energy Iq to be able to take into account the measurements I have. I have a electric tariff heater for the boiler and then two energy meters for the two parts of the house to see how much heating energy is consumed in each part. I would like to have an option to use this data and feed it into the energy IQ to get estimations based on the actual data I can provide. Taco today seems to be set up for a more Central European way of heating and we here in the northern parts of Finland and Scandinavia cannot get the full benefits we actually could from the Tado system. I am very much able to control the heating and it is working fine, but would love the estimation as well.

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