Smart AC and HomeKit - understanding what’s happening

Hello. British guy here, which means the concept of air conditioners is fairly new to me. I have one - a Daikin model - in my office, and I’m controlling it from my Tado. I’m trying to understand some of its behaviours, across the Tado app and HomeKit.

The first thing I’m stuck on is this. Today, I’m set it (via Home) to 20 degrees, in Heat mode. The room is now 23.5 degrees, according to Tado and Home, see images attached. However, the AC unit’s fan is still on. The air coming from it feels about room temperature, maybe slightly cooler.

The expected behaviour here would be that, once it reaches the set temperature, it turns off. So why would it still be going? One thought was that it was trying to get my room back down to 20 now that it’s over, by cooling the room. But my understanding was that, in Heat mode, it will only ever Heat, and if I want it to regulate the temperature both up and down I’d need to use Auto mode.

Any help much appreciated.


  • I decided to crank the heat setting up to match the room temperature, so set the Tado app to 23 degrees. The AC is now kicking out warm air, and the room is up to 24. Confused!

  • You have to understand first that the Tado Smart AC is nothing more than a replacement of your Daikin remote control. The Smart AC only sends commands to the Daikin once but does not receive any updates from the AC (just like the Daikin remote does not receive any info/feedback).

    The statement in the Tado app “heating to 20 degrees” just means that the last command send by Tado AC to Daikin was a command to heat to 20 degrees. The Tado smart AC does not do anything with the fact its measured temperature is above (or below) the heating target. The Daikin airco arranges eveything itself to get the room on the desired temperature.

    The temperature measured by the Smart AC is not the temperature measured by the Daikin Airco itself. So the Daikin might measure it is still 19 degrees where it resides.

    Does the Daikin have an own wifi connection and Daikin app?

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    MT’s response is very good. To add, you could choose to set a Temperature Offset within the Tado app for your Smart AC Control - you could set the offset down a degree or 2 to better align with the temperature perceived by the AC unit.

    To do this go to Settings / Rooms & Devices / [Room Name].