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Set manual on off temperature

I would like to be able to set a manual on/off temp. For example the room will heat to 21 and turn off. It then won't call for heat until the room reaches 18 at which point it would bring the room back up to 21 before turning off.
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  • wateroakley

    Why would you want this temperature hystersis built-in ? That's like an ancient manual thermostat?

  • gc1

    I live in Scotland, if the heating comes up to 21C it keeps dampness and humidity out of the home, but the room doesn't need to be that hot all the time. if its set to 18, Tado maintains the temperature but doesn't drive the humidity out of the room.

  • johnnyp78
    Set a schedule block for 21c, set the next one for 18, set the next one for 21. Or am I missing something?