Smart Wireless Thermostat - Spare wall plates available?

I had my thermostat on the wall where my old heating system’s wired thermostat used to be but now keep it dismounted in a different room. I got the plastic stand but disappointingly it doesn’t attach to the dismounted thermostat but screws to the wall plate which is currently still on my wall.

Is it possible to get spare wall plates for the wireless thermostat?

If not I guess I could get a generic blanking plate for where the old thermostat used to be.


  • It appears that spare wall plates are not available.

    Similarly to you I have a wall plate fixed to the wall in the hall but I move my thermostat between rooms, so a stand would be handy.

    All available stands require a wall plate fitted but these are not supplied by Tado or anyone else. Someone is missing a trick here.

    I have made a request to Tado......