Emoji's in Room Names

It would be great to be able to "color" code the rooms with emoji's for an even nicer overview in the app homescreen. Currently some emoji's work fine (e.g. "✨ Bedroom"), while others result in an error (e.g. "🪴 Living Room").

The error after submitting a name with a "faulty" emoji:

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  • I'm glad to read that this is your only issue with your tado° installation.....so far.
    I genuinely hope that this situation continues........many other tado° users would like to be in your position......I'm jealous.
  • That's not the most helpful/constructive comment. Are you leaving these at all minor issues 😄?

  • No not at all.....but if you give it a few months of operating your system.....then you may understand the drive behind my comment.
    If you check out the many various threads in the Forum you will be able to gauge the level of major issues that have been raised by Community Forum members......some issues are still outstanding over 3 or 4 years later.
    I am still genuinely "jealous"
  • Okay, well then I am sorry to hear that 😕 I’ve been using tadoᵒ for less than a month now, and so far I’m surprised by the ease of installation (5 standard radiator knobs and a wired thermostat, soon to be extended by a slightly more tricky 3ʳᵈ party zone controller for the floor heating downstairs). I like the design of the hardware, and the app so far serves its needs as well. Only things I haven’t had the time to look into are performance such as overshoot when heating a room. We’ll see how happy I am with tadoᵒ some months for now (fingers crossed).

    For now I just hope one of the devs adjusts the (unicode) character encoding to address the (minor) issue above :)
  • How about being able to use an image along with text, as 2 "fields":

    Room image

    Room name

    Room image can be from stock images bundled with the app for most common room usage, with an option to upload custom ones.

  • PS: You don't have to use both, so only specifying an image shows an image, and only specifying text shows text.