Receive smart meter data

Either access smart meter data, or contact loop to share their access.

Use this data to attribute costs to room schedules.
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  • I understand your request.....but at the moment tado° can't even correctly subtract the meter readings that are currently input by the user....... So I don't see that they will be able to successfully integrate the data from the Smart Meter.
  • Lol, yes, not ideal, but that shouldn't stop us from making suggestions.

    I agree, after reading these threads for a while, it is disappointing they are not more proactive. Not having user level permissions is just crazy.
  • GrayDav4276
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    I totally agree with your observation.
    It appears that tado° don't want the end user to be able to determine what we want our systems to do.....Every home is unique but tado° seems to operate on a
    "One size fits all" methodology.

    The tado° system is officially (by definition) "SMART".......But it's definitely not "CLEVER"..... imho