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Release history and features

Just looking at the iOS release history and I'm kind of astounded how little has been added. In the last 12 months since 5.2 I see

  • Redesigned homekit UI
  • Recommendations of when to open the window for indoor air quality
  • Automatically return to schedule at the next time block
  • Smart AC support
  • Pollutants near you house

To me, these are either marketing features (like pollutants near you house) or tiny changes.

Does Todo actually have software engineers working on this?


  • Hello burntbridge,

    Yes, all the new developments and features that have happened in the last year, including the brand new app, and all the associated skills plus the free integrations with smart home platforms have been developed by software engineers.

    If there's any development you'd be interested in, we'll glad to hear about it in the Suggestions, Ideas and Improvements section of this forum, so other users can show their interest in them by voting. (please read it's pinned post).

    Best regards,


  • Anything! No major developments from your roadmap in over 2 years.

    Global off, API access, fixing the bad battery life on the radiator valves. Litterally anything that isn't a re-hash of the stuff you already have

  • It's not like they didn't have a clue. Have a look at all the features they had planned back in 2017...


    ..Lots of good stuff. I purchased on the basis that a couple of those features would be coming soon. I'm not holding my breath that they'll ever get implemented :(

  • Yes, sadly development seems to have stopped. My guess is that they are trying to limit spend and push towards / increase profitability over all else.

  • I find this kind of hard to believe:

    "The company employs 40 people, two thirds of whom are software developers."

    They have over 80 employees now, but if more than 2 junior part time freelancers, who also have to serve coffee and answer the phone, are actually doing software development, they should be fired for incompetence or laziness.

  • Are Tado able to confirm what features will be implemented next? There must be a few new features ready to go.
  • I second the comments above... not a lot of improvement on functions that would improve usability in daily life.

    would be amazing to see Tado actually being customer centric company and start to develop functions that most users are missing (judging from comments and posts in here Tado could come a long way with 5-7 new features)

  • It seems to me that Tado is pretty much an abandoned project, and we are on our own - 40 employees, mostly software engineers?
    They should have everything on that roadmap done and more!
  • I'm thinking that this topic is markedly shifting my decision from purchase to avoid at this stage. I'm currently doing the research to work out what functionality I can expect, and if this is a product with a future - this suggests that @Germán and their colleagues aren't really still here.

  • Hello all,

    We are completely transparent about how do we consider the suggestions from the forum, they are really important to us, but there's many other inputs that we have to consider, please read the statement in our suggestions section where we do clarify this point:

    Best regards,


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