The app is missing a key feature for those that have different heating for different days (like weekdays and weekends). For example, I work Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm like a lot of people do. But during annual leave, bank holiday or when off sick, I would like the weekend schedule to follow without reprogramming the whole thing. So a Day OFF feature should allow you to set how long (how many days) you want this to be on for and which day you want to follow. So now over Xmas time there were a lot of days when I was at home and would like to keep the heating the same as during weekends. I have another system in another house that supports that and it is brilliant. You set how long your are off work for and in setting you choose what days you want to follow in that case and how long for. After that time the schedule returns to normal automatically. This isn’t difficult to develop and add as a basic feature. I hope y’all agree ;-)
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  • I agree with you. We should be able to program different 'home' programs and chose which one we want to use. Can be different depending day off, home working, etc.
  • I've seen a thread from 2019 about the same request.