Individual geofencing

I recently bought 4 Tado radiator valves for my home and was under the impression that I could individually geofence these. For example, I work from an office 3x per week and on these days I was hoping for the Tado radiator valve in my home office to recognise I’m away and not heat the office, whilst the rest of the house remains heated if people are home.

To my surprise, it seems like this isn’t possible. I thought this was such an obvious benefit to having individual Tado TRVs. Of course I can set a schedule up which I’ve done, but there are plenty of times when someone in our house goes against a schedule (for example, family member goes on holiday) in which case individual geofencing would have been a great solution.

Is this a pain point for anyone else? I saw plenty of mentions of it in these forums but it doesn’t look like it’s high on Tado’s list of priorities.
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  • I agree-I bought a radiator valve for an office with the understanding that it would allow control of the heating in just that room (like the thermostat we removed, just easier to set/able to schedule) but found it led to the whole house being heated or not, which the main Tado thermostat will do anyway.
    I can’t understand the benefit of the radiator valves.
  • The benefit is you have room by room control and trvs that can call for heat. In your case if you set the zone controller in the room with a Tado trv to independent I think you’ll get what you want.