[Energy IQ] Allow for new meter and continue entering meter readings


When replacing a meter, it becomes hard to continue entering meter readings as one has to add the last old meter reading to the new meter readings (and sometimes even subtract the first new meter reading from that number too).

Under Energy IQ, provide a meter reset button, with for the date of changeover:

++ the first new meter reading as its zero value, 0 by default.

++ the last old meter reading

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  • mnoorgat
    Agreed, for a new meter in the same property, having to delete historical readings is counter productive. There should be a way to add a new reading of zero on the day of or immediately after the last reading, and then continue as normal after.
  • luke900
    I’ve just come across this issue today. I got in touch with support and have been advised to delete all meter readings individually. Not only will this take me a while to do, I’ll lose all of my previous energy consumption data which is a little frustrating.