Allow additional schedules in addition to Home and Away


It would be great if it was possible to have additional schedules in Tado. I’d like if you were able to add additional schedules, such as “day shift” and “night shift” or “staycation”, so you can easily change schedules to meet your requirements.

For example it I found i needed to change my normal schedule to account for the Christmas holiday, with much more time at home, and using different rooms to my usual work pattern. It was a chore to change the schedule knowing id have to change it back in a week or so.

If it were possible to add several custom schedules to the app, then select the one to be used for “Home”, this would allow an incredible level of flexibility.

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  • IFTTT, HASS, Node Red could probably all do this without needing work from Tado.

  • I'd love to have multiple schedules to deal with school holidays. For me something straightforward like 'treat the Saturday schedule as the every day schedule' would suffice but I appreciate others have more complex requirements for co-parenting etc
  • Multiple schedules needs to be seen as a basic feature, I fully support the idea

  • Yorkie
    I believe you can achieve similar by toggling between the ‘Schedule Days’ option.

    I have my main schedule as a Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun for term time but have switched to Mon-Sun for the holidays, effectively setting that schedule to my normal weekend pattern.

    Completely agree that there should be option for alternative schedules and more sophisticated options, particularly as a lot of people have moved away from such structured working patterns, away from the house every day, in recent years. But the swapping between ‘Schedule Days’ works for us, for now.
  • Multiple schedules is a much needed feature for me. I hear the workarounds suggested but there is already a well understood concept in the app vis the home and away schedules which could be extended to allow other custom schedules for those who need them.

    When you have a lot of TRVs and want to try a new heating plan, you trash your existing plan (after carefully writing down or screen printing the existing schedules for each TRV). How much simpler just to clone an existing schedule amend as required and easily be able to revert.

    Along with the other suggestions already made, you could then :
    Split test a new schedule for a week to compare your consumption and comfort then easily revert.

    Have a separate schedule that your partner could switch to when you are away on business (she prefers the whole house a degree or two cooler and doesn’t need to heat three room that only I use and doesn’t need as much hot water!)

    When you have visitors, it’s just one click to schedule their bedrooms, add more hot water and take the whole house up a notch from your normal frugal energy saving jumper wearing level.

    Create your own warm boost schedule that doesnt just set every room to 25 for an hour.

    This idea doesn’t impact anyone who’s not interested in using it but if you would be interested PLEASE add a comment to show it’s a worthwhile enhancement.
  • Csabah
    Yes I think Darenfit is a great idea and would help many users. And if someone don't need this options, just use basic settings...
  • diwa51
    One of my kid goes to school and time he needs To wake up differs from a day to the other and it charges almost every week. The other one is on identical time during the week. Being able to switch easily for one room would be great.
    Same need for "staycation" (love this term).

    To me, the app is 90% of the time used to deal with schedule. So it should focus on easing such feature.