Energy efficiency idea: Heating schedule coalescence


My house has seven rooms, each with its own schedule. I can copy and paste schedules between rooms, but I tend not to do that because I want to tailor the timings based upon actual usage. Also, I created the scheduled years ago, before the copy and paste feature was added to the app. I know some rooms have similar times where they both call for heat, but might not be exactly the same time.

I've been wondering whether there is an efficiency gain to be had to coalesce the start times where multiple rooms call for heat at the same time (meaning the boiler is working less time overall).

I've also been wondering if this could be a simple feature of the todo system. Perhaps a global setting that when enabled, allows all the rooms' schedules to coalesce (up to, say, 15 minutes either way) so that calls for heat are aligned with the aim of saving overall energy usage.

I'm guessing there isn't a clear cut gain from this: a boiler heating 3 rooms simultaneously might actually take the same amount of running time as doing 3 rooms separately, but I couldn't find any articles or research about this subject.

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