Help make Tado better: Create subgroups in the forum and let Tado experts comment to content


As a newbie in the Tado world, I am confused by the lack accuracy, when I go through the complaints and problems.

The smart radiator thermostats are often described as valves, and the discussions are further blurred by expectations to regulation performance based on a system with a boiler, while I have district heating, and very different criterias for good performace. Some have wired systems, others have wireless, not always describing it.

1) I kindly suggest the forum should have tabs for different application areas, a tab for in depth regulation issues, one for the app and a general tab for basic general subjects such as f. Ex. resets, battery life, adaptors and what not….

Please suggest relevant subdivisions for you, the user.

Could we have a response and suggestion from a Tado moderator, if one such exists and has a name?…..lets hear from you, please!

2) For the tecnically minded, it seems to me as if we look into a black hole in respect how the Tado components work. This leads to quite a few asumptions. Many on the forum sincerely wants to understand and improve the use of Tado! We may even improve the product performanece and business from a better common understanding and broad experience, if allowed in. Today, the forum is a self help community, not always driven by facts.Hence, comment or correction in the forum now and again from the technical staff at Tado would secure promotion of facts and reduce speculation….seriously, that could be a game changer!

Just an example from a topic: Is the PID regulator adjusted and controlled via the (learning) actuator electronics, or is it in the cloud? Is it learning, what is it learning only early start or regulation parameters, is it in the electronics or in the cloud??



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