Boiler constantly on not turning off when temp reached


I have just set my Tado v3+ wireless system up to my baxi 105 he boiler and the problem I have is the central heating is constantly on.

I have capped the old thermostat as to the instructions and wired the receiver to the boiler as to the instructions. So currently I am running off my old timer system.

If I ask the Tado to heat the receiver clicks to turn central heating on but the boiler doesn’t respond.

Any help would be much appreciated
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  • I think you may need to link out the timer on the front of the boiler
  • Or possibly leave the old timer on constant so it isn’t timed or off
  • Thank you for the reply if I leave the old timer constantly on the central heating system is constantly on
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    It’s not wired correctly.

  • I have followed the combi boiler live linked
  • So on the old timer you should see to black wires going in and then two wires coming out that goes into the timer . If you turn the power off . Disconnect the two wires going into the timer and put a link in . See if that works . Just means the old timer isn’t connected anymore
  • I’ll give that a a go thank you
  • All sorted turned out the receiver box was to close to the boiler which was interfering with the boiler