A configuration option to delay geofencing (returning home)


I propose a configuration option to delay heating (when automatic geofencing is used) when returning home. This could be useful for single person households where primary mode of transportation is cycling.


  1. Most of the time I travel by bike. When I return home, heating is not necessary for about 30 - 60 minutes, or sometimes more. This is because body heat can sustain for some time after cycling. I have first-hand experienced this before I purchased the subscription. Without subscription, even if I forgot to switch to Home mode immediately, I wasn't feeling cold.
  2. Some people who travel by car spend a few minutes to park. Also to walk home from the parking lot. During this time, their geolocation may indicate "Home", but they are not necessarily home. Therefore, an early start may not be necessary.

So, my proposal is to introduce configurable delay for subscription users, when automatically switching back to Home mode.

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  • shaakunthala

    Today, I was wondering why Tado didn't properly switch to Away mode (with automatic geofencing).

    (Away temperature is 16 degrees, but Tado was heating to 18 degrees)

    When I had a closer look I realized two things.

    1. It is in fact possible to turn off pre-heating per room.
    2. However, this setting doesn't have much visibility to subscription users. Therefore, I suggest to include "What's new?" tour in the app, whenever a user subscribes to EnergyIQ.