Option for room thermostats not to trigger boiler

Please make an option for your smart stats to just behave like a stat, with the heating controlled by the main house thermostat.

I bought 2 room smart thermostats for less frequently used rooms, set their profile to a lower temp to save energy, but when the rooms get cold first in the night (because they were colder in the day) the low temp triggers the boiler to come on and over heats the other rooms. The profiles are fighting each other!
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  • johnnyp78
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    You are correct that the devices are fighting each other because you seemingly only have one heating zone. How do you expect the rooms to heat (or not heat) separately?

    If you want to use the thermostats purely as expensive thermometers, set the zone controller of the rooms they’re in to independent.
  • d4ewe
    Why don't you set those thermostats to off all the time? They will still show the room temp but won't call for heat as they will be off
  • I had a similar idea but kind for opposite reasons.

    Some rooms in the house cool down quicker than others and they are constantly trigging the boiler. So therefore the boiler is working for just one room and not energy efficient. But then as some of the other rooms cool they then ask for heat but the colder room doesn’t so again boiler kicking in. Option for zones to have “max temperature setting” which could be set a few degrees higher than desired comfort and if call for heat comes from any room all other rads open to heat up assuming they are not at maximum temperature.

    I think for people that were not as bothered about exact temperature this may be more energy efficient and make better use of boiler being fired up.
  • Montage

    I expect some of this could be achieved with normal TRVs.

  • hugbilly
    If you set your Tado TRVs to be independent of the zone controller then they behave like conventional TRVs with the advantage of also being able follow a schedule . . .