Flexible Schedules

I think it would be cool to have a way to make different schedules for your house. For example a geust schedule where your geust bedroom and your dining room turn to different heating schedules, whereas perhaps normally your geust bedroom would be off or run on a lower heat

I also think there should be a geofencing control for individual phones. This would work if there is someone who lives in the house for part of the week, and doesn't require their room constantly heated. This would particularly work in shared houses.

Finally I think geofencing should be able to controlled using a free form map (for example drawing around your return route from work) and that a different map for turning off and turning on geofencing should be available. So for example it turns off when you leave a 200m radius and then after 45 [User selectable time] minutes (after you have driven or trained to work) the geofencing changes to include the beginning of your route back home
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