Better block temperature indication in the schedule.


I thought it was great that the schedule had blue blocks for when I wanted it cold (at night and while at work) and orange blocks for when you wanted it warm, nice and easy to see what's going on. But then I saw that the warm block were set to 25 and thought that was ridiculous, so I set them to 18, and suddenly it's all blue.

I've thought of a few possible fixes for this:

1) Let the user set the threshold.

2) Take the colour for each block from a gradient between 10 and 30 degrees, so every different temperature gets a different colour, and it's proportional to the temperature difference.

3) Similar to 2, but with the app just considering the temperatures used in the schedule, so the lowest temperature will be blue, the highest will be orange, and any other temperatures between will be taken from the gradient between without considering the specific temperature, just the order they are in, so there's always going to be a reasonably big colour step even if two temperatures are very similar (unless you have a ridiculous number of blocks configured with different temperatures).

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