Software feature to allow a SMART TADO valve as a zone valve.


Currently the problem to have a TRUE wireless UFH system is a not there... as you need to run wires to ALL the rooms for the room thermostats... my solution would not require the running of wiring at all but simply use the Tado room thermostats wirelessly paired with the Tado Smart Valves on the manifold without a SINGLE wire or a heatmiser hub.

This would increase your sales of the Tado Smart valves AND room thermostats which is a PLUS from a business sense perspective!!!

To achieve this you would need to ONLY update the software to give it the ability to single out a Tado Smart valve as a zone valve.

This would LITERALLY make your entire system a WIRELESS system.

It could be fairly easily achieved by "simply" allowing a single Tado Smart vales to be flagged as a zone valve... this would then give THIS flagged valve additional options to add 'IF THEN' statements to work with the manifold Tado Smart Valves.

you can see from my setup I have all Tado smart valves thus making my ENTIRE system fully wireless.

the only issue I have due to the lack of software support... is that in order for ANY of my other UFH zones to work my hallway heating zone has to be on as it is paired with the "ZONE" valve...

My work around for this is to use the schedule and timer feature in Tado to ensure that the hallway zone is always on during the time ANY of the other zones are on... Only downside... I am unable to maintain home temperature automatically by setting and forgetting the temps.

With the software feature I am suggesting.. it would work seamlessly making your entire system IF not the first but a ENTIRELY TRUE wireless drop in solution for UFH control systems.

FYI the reason MANY people don't get the drop in UFH systems is because they would be required to RUN wires to ALL rooms... with my suggestion your entire system would be wireless.

Please reach out to me for a further break down on how to go about programming the feature. as I have mapped this out too but would be more than happy to discuss this further with your dev team.

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  • hugbilly
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    Couldn't you just put the room stats and each associated SRV in the same virtual room?

  • SunnyD
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    Tado does not let you single out a Tado Smart Valve as a zone valve.

    In order to have a fully functioning UFH system manifold... you need to have 2 port valves setup so that heating is directed to the UFH system when it is called and not just sent around the rest of the house loop where it is NOT required... you also need the 2 port valve to stop the heating loop from taking the shorted route which is through the manifold in most cases next to the boiler when the REST of your house without UFH systems calls for heat like your upstairs radiators etc.

    My approach allows you to single out a Smart Tado valve as a ZONE valve and pair it with EACH of the UFH system Tado Smart valves and room thermostats.

    The coding logic would read something like this:

    IF ANY UFH Tado Smart Zones = ON, THEN Tado Smart ZONE Valve = OPEN (Heating on)

    IF ALL UFH Tado Smart Zones = OFF, THEN Tado Smart ZONE Valve = CLOSED (Heating off)

    My approach ALSO would push up the sales of Tado Thermostats and Smart valves for and completely ELIMINATE the need for the Heatmiser like hubs!

    ALSO you would NOT need to run ANY WIRING to any of your UFH room zones you'd just need Tado Wireless thermostats.

  • I am currently dealing with a similar situation. Did the tado support contact you or did you manage to make any further progress with this issue?