Lower hysteresis for underfloor heating


We have Tado controlling our underfloor heating but it has two issues: it's not learning and the hysteresis is too big.

If I set the room to 20C then the underfloor heating doesn't come on until the temperature has dropped to 19C. It then runs the boiler until the room hits 20C but the residual heat in the floor keeps the room temperature going up well below 20C. The result is that the floor heating is only on in the morning because it takes the rest of the day to fall below 19C again.

I'd like it to come on when the room gets to only 0.5C below the set temperature, and to stop before it reaches the set temperature. This should give us a more constant room temperature.

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  • Dutchman

    ^ 'well beyond 20C', not 'well below 20C'.

  • KennyM
    I have installed a similar system and have exactly the same issue. Please provide an option for this asap! Kenny