Multi-room presets


I would love a feature in the app where various whole-house presets could be customised and then initiated at the touch of a button, creating different heating profiles for each room.

For example, I would create a "Work from home" button that would turn up the heat in my home office to 20, and turn down the other rooms to 15. A "cozy evening" button would keep the heat off in the office, a comfortable temp in the living room, and a moderate temp in the bedroom. I have a long commute home from work and leave at a different time every day so "heading home" would turn up the temperature in the rooms I frequent upon my return.

I think this would be extremely useful as I don't necessarily have set schedules during the day, and would love to customise my heating by activity rather than time block. My schedule changes from day to day so using the time block feature is nice, but not sufficient, and could be so much better!

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