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Could you please add the ability to set a custom time and temperature to the Boost Heating All Rooms function.

Unfortunately a Boost for 30mins at 25deg doesn't even get my house close to 18deg during cold days. Having to either remember to hit Boost again at 30mins or go through every room thermostat to set individually doesn't really fit with a smart home model.

As the seasons and weather changes I can then set the Boost to what is required as opposed to a default that doesn't provide a schedule fit for any season.
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  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭

    On average, it takes about an hour to raise the temperature by 1°C from a cold start, and about 45 minutes per degree thereafter. The 25°C temp indicator for the boost option is often misinterpreted, it's just the maximum temperature, not the final temp at the end of the programme.

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  • i can already decide how long to boost on esch trv or sensor -it does from 30 mins to an hour to infinity on the slider below. Do you not have this? I am using the beta version in test flight however
  • actually when i hit the boost button i can then go into each room and click on the "how long for' slider - do you mean you just want a single slider for the boost alone? Its set for 30 mins usually but when i use the slider it remembers what i did last time so you could just do that i suppose