Much better support for making a regular water-based underfloor heating system to smart



It is really good about tado, that you can make your regular radiator into a smart radiator with a device without having to change the system or even call a repairman, but I feel to make a regular water-based underfloor heating system smart by tado is much more complicated.

I think I have a typical setup:

The easiest way to make a system like this smart (without having to call for repairmen) is to change the thermostatic valve with a smart one:

It would be as easy as changing a radiator head with a tado smart radiator thermostat and in this way, tado could control the temperature of the water inside the underfloor system (so it can heat slowly or quickly like with the smart radiator thermostats) and I have a feeling that for tado it would be relatively easy to develop a device like this as it would work almost in the same way as the smart radiator thermostat (of course I understand it's not the same and there are significant differences, like the thermometer, it's just a gut feeling).

What do you think?

Have a nice day:),


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